The Collision Project is a diverse and flexible testing ground for artists and visionaries of all disciplines to collaborate and discover at Industry City. We nurture art as experience, not as an object, and facilitate and activate new areas of co-creation.

We believe perpetual progress needs public space where the transfer of energy and ideas can be explored and shared.

By inviting emerging and established contemporary artists, academics, and entrepreneurs across all industries who work—or aspire to work—within visual installation or performance in any medium, the Collision Project connects with the world through collaborative vision.

Location & Spaces

Industry City is NYC’s hub for creatives & entrepreneurs inside a 6 million SF campus of interconnected industrial spaces, with various art installations every year and hundreds of creative studios residing here. Our range of public space is available as test site, interactive lab, and exhibition gallery dedicated to the visual manifestation of an intersection of ideas.

How to get there

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