A Line is not Flat

A Line is not Flat is an art project in which Merz takes over the wheelhouse, fire tower, and public seating in Courtyard 5/6, influenced by Brooklyn, cartoons, architecture, music, and the kinetic structure of things.


From Katie Merz:

Influenced by Brooklyn, cartoons, architecture,

music and the kinetic structure of things.

Many media have influenced the constantly

changing surfaces that are worked upon.

Synthetic, wearable, useful, structural or simple.

No hierarchies are implied.

Lines and the changing integrity of line

is what the installation is.

Tables, benches, building, boat,

150 foot long strip of roofing paper,

endlessly drawn upon.

Blue, red, black, white,

A Rooftop.

Selling drawing by the yard.

accesible and alive.

The Courtyard is changed.