Within Bounds

The 2020 Collision Project series continues with our latest mural complete in the Food Hall. The artist behind this piece, Amrita Marino, is an Indian-born, New York-based artist who uses bold colors to convey messages of joy. This mural celebrates our new appreciation for freedom through three characters trying to escape their space. After spending copious amounts of time inside, we have found a new admiration for the outside world we see beyond our window. 

The story behind this is really appreciating freedom more than ever. The first character is just reaching up and wanting to burst out of the space. The second character is pushing against the wall and the third is looking at nature outside the window, a flower, which is also kind of wilted and a butterfly. Also, the intersection of parts of the character into one room versus another, and how the planes cut the body is almost like how our interior world has become our everything. We have all these interior boundaries in our life now. So from left to right is optimism, anger and pushback in the middle and an appreciation for the snapshot of life we see beyond our window.

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