Japanese Garden
Inspired by Japan Village at Industry City, AIKO has created a beautiful Japanese Garden for everyone to enjoy. She uses the traditional technique of hand-cut stenciling as a way of transferring her spirit to the wall and the location. This ritual of stenciling is an important element of her work, giving each piece an entirely individual spirit. For this mural, AIKO spent over a week preparing 120 large sheets of hand-cut stencils, and then spent a week spray painting onto the wall.
The two girls on the side are the twin sisters of traditional Maiko Dance from Kyoto and they are a celebration of the future of Industry City. Other symbolic additions include the Koi Fish, representing life and strong energy, and the Lotus Flower, which embodies divine beauty and purity. Tothether they symbolize paradise or the land of perfect bliss for everyone.
This piece is part of the All Women Art Show at Industry City Design Festival, curated by Collision Project.

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