“I MISSED YOU” The Missed Connection Wall

“I missed you.”


Valentine’s Day triggers all the feels – love, heartache, regret, nostalgia. We’re only human, after all. This interactive wall challenges you to put yourself out there in the form of a missed connection, a thank you for the person who held the door open on Tuesday, a message to the person you wished you talked to 10 years ago, or if you just “have a lot of feelings”.


We ask visitors to fill in the blank on the stickers + share your missed connections by putting it on the wall. We want you to reconnect with the person that you missed. We want you to know that you are not alone. We want you to know you are connected to all the missed connections out there.


By using the color pink on the stickers, we are exploring psychology and meaning behind colors. Red stands for passion + action and white stands for calmness + purity, the two combined make pink, which best describes the feeling of missed connections.


Don’t miss it again.