Steel Symphony

Steel Symphony is a large-scale project situated in the interior garage passageway of Raleigh Iron Works. Spanning approximately 20′ x 35′, this vibrant artwork was brought to life using Montana 94 spray paint.


The concept behind this mural draws upon the association of graffiti with railway systems, paying homage to its roots. I took my signature lettering style and deconstructed it, placing a strong emphasis on shape, color, and movement. By doing so, I aimed to capture the energy of style writing while presenting it in a visually captivating and accessible manner for viewers from all walks of life.


My artistic approach began with a digital sketch, which underwent several rounds of revisions. After settling on a final design, I executed the mural freehand using spray paint, transferring the essence of my creative vision onto the wall.


When considering the audience, I hope that viewers will take the time to appreciate the intricate details I have embedded throughout the mural. Some of these details are only visible upon closer inspection, inviting a sense of discovery and engagement. I aspire for the vibrant colors and dynamic composition to ignite a creative spark within those who come across this artwork, inviting them to embrace their own artistic journey.

Raleigh Iron Works

Raleigh, North Carolina